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Boron Carbide Powder

Boron Carbide Powder
Chemical Formula : B4C
Melting Point : 2,763 °C
Density : 2.52 g/cm3
Mesh Size : 100 -to 150
Form : Powder
  • Boron carbide has extremely high hardness,
  • High chemical inertness and high neutron absorption cross section
  • Boron Carbide, due to its high hardness
  • Wear parts such as blasting nozzles, wire-drawing dies, powdered metal and ceramic forming dies, thread guides, and armor.
  • Abrasives for lapping and ultrasonic cutting
  • Nuclear applications such as reactor control rods and neutron absorbing shielding
  • Anti-oxidant in carbon-bonded refractory mixes
  • Mechanical lapping, Engineering ceramic materials, Metallurgy refractory