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Cadmium Metal

Cadmium Metal
Symbol : Cd
Atomic number : 48
Melting point : 321.1°C
Density (near r.t) : 8.65 g/cm3
Chemical Composition:
Cd 99.994%
Cu 18.8 PPM
Fe 1.2   PPM
Ni 12.9 PPM
Pb 20.0 PPM
Ti 1.10 PPM
Sn 1.1   PPM
Zn 2.4   PPM
  • Cadmium is a lustrous, silver-white, ductile, very malleable metal.
  • Its surface has a bluish tinge and the metal is soft enough to be cut with a knife, but it tarnishes in air.
  • It is soluble in acids but not in alkalis. It is similar in many respects to zinc but it forms more complex compounds.
  • Making of nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Pigments, coatings and plating
  • Stabilizers in manufacture of plastics
  • Electroplating of steel
  • Production of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) rechargeable batteries