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Symbol : Mg
Atomic number : 12
Melting point : 650°C
Density (near r.t) : 1.738g/cm3
Form : Ingot
Chemical Composition:
Mg 99.93%
Si 0.022%
Al 0.004%
Fe 0.0036%
Cu 0.0016%
Mn 0.019%
Ni 0.0006%
Zn 0.0039%
  • Magnesium is a shiny, silver or gray colored metal that is light in weight and strong.
  • The surface of magnesium metal is covered with a thin layer of oxide that helps protect the metal from attack by air.
  • Once ignited, magnesium metal burns in air with a characteristic blinding bright white flame to give a mixture of white magnesium oxide, MgO, and magnesium nitride, Mg3N2.
  • It is a preferred material when looking for weight reduction without compromising overall strength.
  • The vibration damping capacity is also beneficial in applications in which the internal forces of high-speed components must be reduced.
  • Automotive ,Aircraft and missile components
  • Bicycles and other sporting goods equipment
  • Laptops, televisions, cell phones and other electronic application
  • Magnesium alloys have also been used as a replacement to some engineering plastics due to their higher stiffness, high recycling capabilities, and lower cost of production.