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Praseodymium Metal

Praseodymium Metal
Formula : Pr
Density : 6640 kg/m
Melting point : 935℃
Appearance : Silvery white lump pieces, ingots, rod, foil, wire, etc.
Stability : Moderately reactive in air
Ductibility : Good
Multilingual : Praseodymium Metall, Metal De Praseodymium, Metal Del Praseodymium

Praseodymium Metal, is used as high-strength alloying agent in the Magnesium used in parts of aircraft engines. It is an important alloying agent in Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets. Praseodymium is used to create high-power magnets notable for their strength and durability. It also used in lighters, torch strikers, ‘flint and steel’ fire starters, etc. Praseodymium Metal can be further processed to various shapes of ingots, pieces, wires, foils, slabs, rods, discs and powder.

Certificate of Analysis
Product Code 5965
Grade 99.9%
Chemical Composition
Nd/TREM (% min.) 99.9
TREM (% min.) 99
Rare Earth Impurities % max.
La/TREM 0.03
Ce/TREM 0.05
Nd/TREM 0.1
Sm/TREM 0.01
Eu/TREM 0.01
GD/TREM 0.01
Y/TREM 0.01
Non-Rare Earth Impurities % max.
Fe 0.2
Si 0.03
Ca 0.02
Al 0.05
Mg 0.02
Mo 0.03
O 0.03
C 0.03
Cl 0.02