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Symbol : Si
Atomic number : 14
Melting point : 1,414°C
Density (near r.t) : 2.3290 g/cm3
Chemical Composition:
Si 98.856%
Fe 0.453%
Al 0.462%
Ca 0.229%

Size: 10- 100MM

  • Silicon is a hard, relatively inert metalloid and in crystalline form is very brittle with a marked metallic luster.
  • Silicon occurs mainly in nature as the oxide and as silicates. The solid form of silicon does not react with oxygen, water and most acids.
  • In making car brakes, car clutches, ceramic plates in bullet proof vests
  • High-purity silicon metal is used by many industries as alloying elements.
  • In the chemical industry it is used for producing silicon compounds as well as silicon wafers used in photovoltaic solar cells and electronic semiconductors.